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Louis-François Marcotte

The Tablée des Pionniers

This gastronomic sugar shack bear its name as an hommage to our countryside artisans, and aims to convivially celebrate a filling and delectable experience. In this rustic decor, our team will greet you with authenticity, simplicity, and a smile!

Eating at La Tablée des Pionniers means eating the Quebec way!

Through every season, our menu, filled with traditional recipes that have been revisited by Louis-François Marcotte, will showcase just how rich the products of Quebec are!

The founding artisans

  • Louis Francois Marcotte is a hunter and a man who loves to be in the woods. As happy in the kitchen than in the wild, there is no better compromise than at the Tablée!

  • Pascal, Danielle and their daughter Gabrielle, a family that, for four generations, has passed on and perpetuated the production of apples and cider at the Verger Lacroix, all the while specializing in agrotourism.

For the 55th year, the rooms that have seen the Millette family prosper will once again be filled with people, who will be met with the same values as always.

La Tablée des Pionniers also means…

  • Creative and unusual menus

  • A great occasion to share a wonderful meal with the family 

  • Making the pleasure last with a visit to our shop, where you can discover our two lines of products: 





  • 1357 St-Faustin st.



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  • 819-688-2101

Opening hours

We are open from February 24th to May 7th .


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